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By: Ace Billiards Calgary  09-12-2011
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Moving / Crating / Leveling

Slate crating may be required if you are moving long-distance. Each piece if slate is crated separately in a custom frame according to its size using 2 by 4 lumber and nails. These crates are lighter and easier to move without machinery. Moving companies prefer this method of crating.

Moving service may be required if you are moving short-distance. Your pool table is dismantled at one location/ residence. It is carefully loaded and protected while transported to the new location/ residence. Once there, your table is completely re-assembled, leveled and ready for play.

If your pool table has been shifted out of level, you may require us to re-level it for you. Often re-leveling your pool table can be achieved by adjusting the legs (tables with leg levelers) or by adding / removing shims beneath legs. We use a machinist’s level to ensure precision leveling.

If the level reading is different on all three pieces of slate, the rails and the bed cloth need to be removed so that the slates can be adjusted to create a flat playing surface. In some cases, the slate may need to be removed also.

Specially made pool table dollies can be used if you require your table to be moved from one location to another within a room. This service can also be utilized if you are installing new carpets. We place your table on these dollies to allow the table to be moved around by the carpet installers. We come back after your carpets have been installed, lower the table wherever you like, then re-level the table so you can be ready to play.

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Keywords: Crating, Leveling, Moving, Pool, pool table, Slate

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If you have just moved into the area or purchased a new/used pool table and the table is dismantled in the room you wish it to be assembled. Your pool table is dismantled and all the pieces are marked to guarantee that the table will be re-assembled correctly. You may need your table dismantled if you are installing new carpet or flooring. We will position the table for optimum playability or to your specifications.


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We remove all of the old staples, ensure that the frame and the playing surface is level, the cushions are fully secured to the rails and the seams between the slates are properly sealed with Bondo where needed. Link to open up a window to see how different fabric colors look with different table colors. This is done when you want to replace the old cloth with new cloth of your choice.


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If the proper bounce off your rails is lacking, it is possible that the rubber on the rails has dried out or decomposed and needs to be replaced. New cushions are applied and allowed to set overnight before the new cloth is put on. The old cushions are removed and the rail facings are cleaned of all glue.