Practice Relief - Overview

By: Accountantsworld  09-12-2011

Web-based Practice Relief performs traditional time and billing functions with the utmost ease. And while that may be reason enough for you to use it, Practice Relief also offers you a lot more

What’s special about Practice Relief? Web-based Practice Relief performs traditional time and billing functions with the utmost ease. And while that may be reason enough for you to use it, Practice Relief also offers you a lot more.Most important, Practice Relief gives what you need for enhancing your practice—reports and analyses that present a true picture of where you stand.Simple, easy, and practical
Practice Relief is simple, yet highly functional and comprehensive. It makes performing the key functions for managing and enhancing your practice, easier than you thought possible.

  • Easy setup. The system comes preconfigured with tasks and expenses to meet the needs of most firms. If needed, you may easily reconfigure and customize the system.
  • Effortless time-tracking. Accurate time-tracking is essential not only for billing by hourly rates, but also for properly measuring different aspects of your firm’s performance. By using web and desktop wizards, we make accurate time tracking effortless—whether you’re working in your office or away. Once you start using Practice Relief, keeping accurate track of time will become second nature.
  • Fast, easy invoicing and A/R tracking. Generating customized invoices is a breeze with Practice Relief. It produces the reports you need to streamline all invoicing and A/R functions, and to ensure you are paid for your professional services in the most efficient manner.
  • Valuable analysis and reporting. The heart of Practice Relief is its ability to effortlessly produce many useful reports that let you dig deeper into various aspects of your practice. These reports let you analyze your realization rate, your most profitable clients, clients that may be losing you money, the profitability of various projects, the productivity of your staff (judged by the revenue they generate compared to their compensation), and much more.
  • Exceptional value. Practice Relief offers all these benefits and unlimited use by your firm for a nominal fee.
Time-tracking made easyWeb-based system with a desktop time-tracking wizard. To expand the functionality of Practice Relief beyond traditional Windows-based time and billing systems, we have taken the innovative approach of making it a web-based system, which also includes a time-tracking wizard that you install on your PC. With this approach:
  • It is easy to enter timesheets in a timely manner from anywhere with an Internet connection—either in the office or out in the field. Simplify time-tracking further by using the simple time-tracking wizard. Just select the client and task — then start the clock. Lapsed time is continually displayed. Stop the clock when the task is completed. Enter notes if any. This information is then automatically logged into the Practice Relief system via the Internet. It’s that easy.
  • No software or updates to install. To use a Windows-based system would require a complicated network installation and expensive IT resources.
How to make the most of Practice Relief
Your staff’s time and talent are among your most precious professional assets, and you certainly want the most from them. But your clientele and the services you offer also play an important role in your profitability. Therefore, for a 360-degree view of your practice.Analyze your clients. Which clients are most valuable? Are there any you’d be better off losing?Analyze your services. How profitable is each service? Can you improve the profitability of your services by working smartly and adding value?Analyze your staff. Gauge your staff’s performance. Can you improve your return on your investments in your staff?AccountantsWorld puts its money where its mouth is.
We’ll work with you to show how you can benefit most from Practice Relief. If, after 30 days of diligent use, you are not completely satisfied with the results, you may get your money back. Simply tell us where we did not live up to your expectations. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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