CyberCabinet - Overview

By: Accountantsworld  09-12-2011
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Web-based CyberCabinet is both a client portal and a practical document management system for small to mid-size firms. It does a lot more than just eliminating paper in your office. As a client portal, it offers your clients the convenience of accessing their finished documents.

A document management system and client document portal, all in one

A strong document management strategy has never been more critical for your firm. Your success is largely based on your ability to receive source documents when you need them, utilize those inputs to do your work, and then share documents and reports with your clients. And of course, you need to store them securely for quick retrieval. It’s no surprise that a document management system has become an indispensable tool for successful accountants today.

What makes the cloud-based CyberCabinet unique is that it’s both a document management system for your firm and a client portal to securely share documents with your clients. No matter what solutions you use for tax, accounting and payroll, CyberCabinet makes document handling simpler and more efficient.

CyberCabinet lets you:

  • Share documents without mailing, printing or faxing
  • Transfer files quickly and easily whenever you need to
  • Protect the key files for your practice by storing them securely offsite

Now we've made it easier than ever to transfer documents from your computer to CyberCabinet. With our exclusive "CyberDrop" feature, you simply drag and drop any documents – tax returns, financials, payroll forms, or reports - into a CyberCabinet local folder on your PC. These documents are then automatically uploaded behind the scenes from your hard drive to CyberCabinet, without you having to even log in. This gives your clients 24x7 secure access to all the documents you want to share with them.

What CyberCabinet Offers:
  • Works seamlessly with virtually all professional tax, accounting and payroll systems.
  • Uses state-of-the-art data security for secure transfer and storage.
  • Permissions and password protection for clients and staff to access only the documents to which you’ve given them permission.
  • Easily and securely upload large files, such as QuickBooks data files, as well as multiple files in batch.
  • A public folder to save files you want available to everyone, such as client organizers and general announcements to your entire client base.
  • Fully integrated with all AccountantsWorld products, including and , to let you automatically store financials, payroll compliance forms, and reports for client access.

Keywords: Accounting, Accounting And Payroll, Document Management, Payroll,

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