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By: Abs Concrete Systems  09-12-2011

Looking for a solution to sustain the look and feel of concrete but need to cover damage, deterioration or stains. Or are you looking for a new look without removal and replacement of the existing concrete?

Solution: ABS Consulting & Troubleshooting + Training + Renewing Product

Fusion-Crete® II Crystals is designed to provide flexibility in the type of application. It can be applied as thin as a skim coating or it can be applied thicker if required. The control is in the hands of the applicator. This is a versatile product; with appropriate training an applicator has many solutions and design possibilities with one product. The applicator can depend on producing consistent quality results. Plus it has an environmental benefit of adding 5 - 10 years to the life of the original concrete.

Fusion-Crete® Overlay

Fusion-Crete as an overlay, stained with a couple of acrylic colors, engraved and clear coated. Perfect Solutions, NY.

Fusion-Crete® Stairs & Pool Deck Repair:

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ABS Concrete Systems » Protecrete® Densifier + Repeller

We use Densifier + Repeller because it gives us time to work with the material and we get an excellent bond to the substrate. Adding a Densifier + Repeller as a primer for the substrate will prevent possible suction of the Fusion-Crete repair mortar. It is also important to water the slab but not to have any standing water when the material is applied. To place an order or request more information.


ABS Concrete Systems » Solutions

Within our recommended solutions we either recommend certified applicators or provide several ‘tried & true’ systems to achieve top quality and high client satisfaction. Our products, systems, and expertise are intricately linked to provide clients with an end-to-end approach to best of breed concrete construction. It is our goal to bundle services and solutions based on our client’s unique needs.


ABS Concrete Systems » Repair

Fusion-Crete® can be applied in a number of different applications including sidewalk overlays, curb & gutter repair, step and retaining wall repair, bridge parapet walls, residential driveways, loading ramps and numerous other concrete aprons and structures.


ABS Concrete Systems » Fusion-Crete® 5-Minute Concrete

FUSION-CRETE® 5-MINUTE CONCRETE, a two-component magnesium/phosphate product comprised of Component “A”, Liquid Activator, and Component “B”, Dry Cement Compound, each component packaged in 5-gallon plastic pails. Two to three parts of silica sand may be added to COMPONENT “B”, DRY CEMENT COMPOUND, prior to adding COMPONENT “A”, LIQUID ACTIVATOR. This product is sold either in “kit” form or either component may be purchased separately.


ABS Concrete Systems » Fusion-Crete® II Crystals

FUSION-CRETE® II CRYSTALS, a vinyl/copolymer crystallized concrete-adhesive/enhancer, which is packaged in 5-gallon plastic pails (with a mixing ratio chart on the back of each pail), and in 55-gallon plastic drums. One 5-gallon pail will treat approximately 1.25 cubic yards of concrete for repair work (anything 1/8 inch or more in thickness) using a relatively dry mix.