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By: Aboutgolf  09-12-2011
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More Than Immersive – The aboutGolf Simulator Experience

As you approach the green of St. Andrews hole 18, every bird, tree, flag and building surround you with perfect clarity. And you haven’t even left the comforts of your living room.

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How to Take Lessons in the Winter (or in Secret)

The overwhelming majority of recreational golfers do not take lessons. It is another one of those quizzical, only-in-golf mysteries. Most of us could use help and the help is widely available, so, naturally, most golfers instead keep their heads down (or not) and plod on, hoping to master the game on their own.

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Practice Makes Perfect

We all know the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” In golf, it’s more like “practice makes better,” because perfection is pretty much out of the question.

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New training aid can help perfect weight transfer

The scientific study of the golf swing would likely amuse the old guard that figured it out on its own, but even it might have been able to benefit from aboutGolf’s newest product, the Balance Pro, featuring dual force plates on which the golfer stands that delivers comprehensive analysis of the transfer of weight throughout the swing.

Chuck Winger, vice president performance products for aboutGolf, calls it another tool in the instructor’s arsenal.

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aboutGolf Improves Golfers’ Games From the Ground Up With Revolutionary New aG Balance Pro

aboutGolf-the world leader in indoor golf simulator and golf performance technology-introduces aG Balance Pro, a revolutionary, new dual force plate technology that provides detailed analysis of weight transfer during the golf swing.

“With aG Balance Pro, it is now possible to specifically understand the impact of balance on the golfer’s swing,” says Chuck Winger, aboutGolf’s Vice President of Performance Products. “For the first time, we can see force distribution on the front, back, right and left of each foot, helping us better assess the impact of balance on the golfer’s performance and provide proper instruction.”

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From Winter to the Masters in a Golf Simulator

As the Masters heralds the arrival of spring, I am reminded of my golfing journey through this endless winter.

In October, at the behest of a teaching pro, I joined a gym designed for the snow-bound golfer. It had hitting bays, TPI-trained instructors and club fitting, as well as treadmills, weight racks and flat-screen televisions. I was tired of seeing my fragile game go to pot every December while New York was blanketed in white.

I needed a place to hit balls.

Once or twice a week, after an hour workout with a trainer, I sidled up to one of the gym’s AboutGolf simulators and played some golf. Some days, I would hit onto a simulated driving range, on others I would play 18 holes, usually at Spyglass Hill …

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Screen Gems: Indoor Simulators Pretty Picture for Golfers in Offseason

Looking out from the seventh tee of Pebble Beach Golf Links, the only things missing are the seals sunning on the rocks below and the sound of the waves crashing in Stillwater Cove.

OK, so we’re not really on the Monterey Peninsula, playing one of the most photographed holes on one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. We were whisked to the West Coast virtually, courtesy of an indoor simulator, a video game-like golf experience exploding in popularity, especially in places where snow-filled, bone-chilling winters are the norm.

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Virtual Golf Simulators Getting Results on the PGA TOUR

Can golf simulators actually improve your game? There have been so many times when people have commented on how real goal simulators have become in the last few years, but very little evidence that the professional golf community has embraced this new technology. It seems that this may be changing.

It was really interesting for me to hear that Luke Donald, who has just won the Accenture World Championship, owns an aboutGolf simulator. aboutGolf is the official simulator manufacturer for the PGA Tour and with over 20 years of research and development in their technology, aboutGolf simulators are simply the best. Their vision is to improve the golf games of players of all levels.

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Sathorn’s Only Driving Range Now Open

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Sathorn’s Only Driving Range Now Open at Wilding Golf Performance Center Sathorn

Wilding golf performance centers in Thailand, opens their new driving range in Bangkok’s Sathorn Road area where golf fans can now learn and practice golf.

Mar 12, 2011 – Sathorn’s only driving range, the new Wilding Golf Performance Center on the corner of Sathorn Road and Soi Pipat is now officially open and welcoming avid golf enthusiasts to learn, practice and play golf in the Sathorn area of Bangkok.

The new 700 square meter Wilding Golf Sathorn Center features 11 standard aboutGolf swing bays, the largest VIP 3D SimSurround swing bay in the world and an indoor putting green. Conveniently located on the corner of Soi Pipat, across from the Evergreen Hotel, the Wilding Golf Sathorn Center is the only golf driving range in Sathorn making it a welcome addition to the area’s amenities for thousands of businesses and residents alike.

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aboutGolf Knows All About Golf

Global Golf Post

By John Steinbreder

Close your eyes and image what golf simulators once were like. Back in the 1980s and 90s. With rumpled screens and fuzzy images. With no real sense of how far or straight you hit your shots.

Frankly, there wasn’t much to get excited about, even if the only thing you wanted from those old machines was some off-season fun with your friends. You didn’t even think about using them for clubfitting or teaching.

Now, it’s 2011. Step to the tee of an aboutGolf simulator, the PGA TOUR Compact SimSurround for example, which was introduces last year. What you have here is a unit that features three full screens that wrap 160 degrees around the golfer and gives him, or her, more than 50 courses to play…

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