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By: About Time Design  09-12-2011
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Aside from our great here are some of the things that About Time Web Design can offer you..

A Professional Appearance

It is important that your site reflects the type of service you provide. Conveying the right image to your client instills confidence and we will make every effort to provide you with a site of which you can be proud.

Custom Designs

With a background in art and graphic design we feel confident that we can provide you with a quality custom template design to suit your distinct needs. Designing your site to match your other marketing materials (ie-logo, business cards, brochures, letterhead, etc.) can create a sense of continuity or what some refer to as "branding". Branding is an effective tool when you want your company to be instantly recognizable to your target market.
About Time Web Design also offers logo design, banner creation, custom clip art, Flash, photo enhancements and other forms of digital artistry.

Quick Loading Pages

Some web designers may offer you a great looking design for your site with lots of large images, snazzy buttons and special effects. This may seem like a wonderful thing when you are viewing the site on a high speed computer with a fast connection but consider how long that same page loads on an old computer with a slow connection..most people will only wait an average of 30 seconds before they will give up and move on. We know how to give you a great look without the long download times so that you won't lose that potential customer.

Consistent Navigation

Have you ever been to a site which had a menu that was so obscure that you didn't know what to click to get the information you wanted?
Or perhaps each page of the site looked so completely different from the last that you weren't even sure if you were still in the same site?
Or how about that really fancy site you once visited that only provided images as their navigation and you had to keep moving your mouse over the picture to see what the text was (sometimes jokingly referred to as "mystery meat" navigation). At About Time we will provide you with a site that has consistent navigation so that you won't lose any of your visitors in frustration.

Error-free Text Input

If a site has spelling errors, missing words and extra spaces, how do you think that reflects on that company's credibility?
You need your clients to feel secure in the knowledge that you are indeed the best choice for them. About Time Web Design guarantees that your text will be input onto your site exactly as it was written (minus any spelling mistakes of course).

If writing the content to be published on your web pages is not something you wish to do yourself, we also offer our own content writing service at the very reasonable rate of 30 cents per word (Cdn funds). All that you need to do is write down, in point form, all the information you want included in your web page and we will transform it into a well written web page in paragraph form.

Other Services

We also offer (this is what you need to have your website published to the internet) and to keep your site up to date. Please for quotes on Shopping Carts, forms, databases, Javascript, Programming, PowerPoint, etc.. You can learn additional information about our services if you watch our Youtube video that can be downloaded using .

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