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By: Abound Web  09-12-2011
Keywords: Programming, Software Development, Custom Software

Our services

Abound Inc is a provider of programming and consulting services. Abound CEO and President, Joseph Werner, along with our dedicated consultants offer over 75 years combined experience in software development. Below are some of the key services we offer.


What is IVR?
Have you ever used your phone to check your bank account or order train tickets? Have you ever completed a survey over the phone or received a phone message from a political candidate? If you answered yes to any of these then chances are you have already used an IVR. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the technology that allows you to interact with your customers over the phone without the need for a live speaking person.

Interested in IVR? Request a quote or give us a call today! We are more than happy to discuss IVR and we can turn around a proposal for you in as little as 24 hours.

Message Broadcasting

Web Programming

We have developed enterprise applications, web services, and tools for many clients. Our consultants write code in Java as well as Microsoft's .NET platform. We also have years of experience with C/C++, CGI, Perl, and PHP. We leverage web services technologies, XML, and front-end components like Javascript and CSS in our projects. In addition to building custom web applications, our team has also developed custom features for third party web software applications such as ATG's knowledgebase product, and Clarify.

Software Development

Our consultants have been writing custom software applications for over 15 years. Our past projects include back-office applications, billing systems, reporting systems and interactive TV applications. We can develop client and server software for a variety of platforms including Windows, UNIX, LINUX. In addition we have consultants who specialize in mobile platforms such as Apple iPhone/iPod Touch, and Google Android

Keywords: Custom Software, Ivr, Programming, Software Development