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By: Abandon Fear  09-12-2011

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The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) took place recently, and most of the world’s countries gathered to decide which species would receive international protection. There were three shark species proposed to be listed: the spiny dogfish (fish and chips), the porbeagle (like a smaller great white), and saw sharks.

These proposals would add three more sharks to the list that so far only contains the basking shark, whale shark and the great white shark. Getting species listed is often a case of politics, as only the most charismatic of megafauna tend to make it. The great white is the most recognizable shark, while the basking and whale sharks have no teeth, and are popular tourist attractions.

CITES is a bit of a popularity contest, and what is under the ocean is so often out of sight and out of mind. The first fish was put on the CITES list only in 2004, while terrestrial animals enjoyed decades of increased protection.

The movement to save sharks is growing, but it needs more pressure from consumers and the general public. The politicians and decision makers will respond, as the people have ultimate power.

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Sharkwater hits theaters today on more screens in Florida than any documentary before it. It’s really exciting as the press and public response has been amazing. Awareness is simply the most important issue facing the oceans today. It’s 5 AM and we’re on the way to a TV interview.


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Blood thirsty Man Eater is the common perception for what a shark is - through your documentary, how did you persuade the audience, in why they should change their misconception about sharks. A fraction of the planet has the opportunity to go underwater and experience the ocean, so a public that largely fears sharks is wholly logical considering the media’s portrayal of them.


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While the movie has been roundly praised, some critics claim your presence was a bit overbearing and took the focus off the sharks?Most of that criticism was from the old festival cut of the film. Great things are happening, but the biggest issue facing the oceans today is awareness, and we need more people talking about the issue and everything will change.


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The team of six children at Eastshore Elementary School in Irvine took second place Thursday in the middle school division of the 2011 QuikSCience Challenge, which invites middle and high school students from across Southern California to write an ocean-related academic curriculum that includes a community service component.