By: Phoenix Industrial  09-12-2011

The Industrial sector requires responsive services that provide consistent quality and value. Phoenix Industrial is able to provide these requirements through our state of art Fabrication division. With a management team that is dedicated to working closely with you Phoenix Industrial is able to tackle any size and complexity of project.

We are able to provide value and quality at every of the stage of your project.

  • Design and Engineering
    • Comprehensive review can identify issues before the start of the fabrication process.
    • Integrated software increases quality and efficiency of communication between engineers and Fabrication design team.
    • Full life cycle cost reduction approach applied to shop drawings minimizes costs from fabrication to shipping to erection in the field.
  • Procurement and Planning
    • Workface Planning techniques allow managers to implement a critical path analysis in order to schedule and prioritize all project components.
    • Strong connections throughout supply chain enable us to realize cost savings that are passed on to the client.
    • Real time score-carding make it possible to clearly communicate progress on a continual basis.
  • Fabrication process
    • State of the art fabrication facility can handle a variety of exotic metals and alloys with minimal disruption to process runs.
    • Newly expanded 10,000 square foot shop floor permits Phoenix Industrial the flexibility to house any size of project in addition to multiple other projects.
    • Fully integrated Quality Management program has historically maintained a low defect rate and reduced costs associated with rework.
  • Turnover and Delivery
    • Continual Quality processes lead to expedient turnover packages with comprehensive and accurate documentation as soon as the job is complete.
    • Facility located close to main rail spur and highway. Decreasing the cost of both receivables and delivery.
    • Full integration with Construction and Maintenance division means quick and responsive solutions to your needs in the field.

Ongoing philosophy of learning and improvement has lead to continuous growth in the value and quality we are able to provide to our clients.

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With a strong, well-established field proven management structure, we are able to drive out the risks inherent in typical field construction and provide the highest value and visibility to our clients. Phoenix Industrial is able to provide established safety and environmental procedures, industry leading workface planning, scheduling, quality control, and risk management.



With over 15 years of experience, Phoenix Industrial’s Maintenance division works closely with facilities owners to maintain safe and reliable facilities while maximizing returns through the following initiatives. In an industry that demands quick response, our experienced team is available 24 hours a day to have your process or facility up and running without costly down time.


Modular Assembly

Our proprietary ERP system, leading edge design software and state of the art document control systems provide us with the tools to deliver industry leading visibility, value and accountability. Armed with these technologies our project teams can keep a close eye on all project resources, giving them the power to make timely and effective decisions.


Quality Control

Phoenix Industrial has completed a full audit with ASME and ABSA attaining ASME 'S', ASME 'U', ASME 'A' and ASME 'PP' stamps as well as construction and modification of boiler external piping and alteration of category A fittings, more specifically. Pressure Piping Fabrication and Installation in accordance with ASME B31.1 Power Piping, ASME B31.3 Process Piping and the Alberta Safety Codes Act and Regulations.



Our management teams work with leading-edge software, planning and scheduling techniques along with risk management practices to increase certainty and drive out costs. Phoenix Industrial works with clients to develop cost-effective processes and procedures to meet the multiple demands of industrial projects. Estimating By studying industry trends and indicators Phoenix Industrial has established a unique process to estimation.


Workface Planning

The benefits of using the WFP method include; the optimal use of materials and equipment, a decrease in lost inventory, greater predictability, lower costs, increased productivity and improved safety performance. At any time we can provide valuable information, based on confirmed productivity in the field, such as project end dates, manpower curves and system and sub-system commissioning dates.