It's more than just trees

By: Sherwood's Forests  09-12-2011
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It's not just about trees.

Tree Planting Service

Not enough time or a bad back? We plant what we sell. We'll plant other people's trees too. Just like the plumber, there is a $60 minimum charge just for showing up. That covers me and my truck coming to the job. Normal price will be about $5 per gallon pot size. 7 gallon maximum. (MY back doesn't do trees bigger than that.) This is planting on reasonably level ground where there is room for my auger. It's also assuming that you don't have rock quarry disguised as a yard.

Price includes digging the hole, placing the tree, mulching with heavy duty fabric mulch, watering in, and first dose of fertilizer. It does not include hauling away the extra dirt, although I will take the pots. I will require access to a water tap. Let me know if I need to bring my own hose.

So if you want a privacy screen of 8 three gallon white spruce with 7 two gallon choke cherries between them, it would cost: 60 + 8 x 3 x 5 + 7 x 2 x 5 = 60 + 120 + 70 = $250. That's just the planting. There is no delivery charge for the trees if you're paying me to plant them.

Custom growing

Do you want something specific? You need rooted cuttings of a particular poplar? Special Willow? Call me. Tell me your needs. I'll write up a proposal.

Cut your own Christmas Tree.

Want to cut your own scots pine Christmas tree? I have a small selection that are large enough to make a nice Christmas tree.

Live Tree.

Willing to have a small tree? Consider a live tree. Bring it in for the holiday, store carefully outside. (I'll tell you how.) Next spring, plant it in your yard, park, or at the cottage.

Seedlings as favours

Putting on a wedding? Throwing a big party? Want to bring in people to your spring sale?

Seedlings are available for a short period of time in spring. I can also arrange for small trees in small pots at most times of the year -- but it can take a year's notice to grow and pot them. Just part of our custom growing.

Trees as center pieces.

With suitable notice I can provide trees as center pieces. Tree size can be as short as 6" or as tall as 5 feet.

Bring me special pots, and I'll re-pot them for attractive display.

Or just wrap the black plastic pot they come in in florists foil.

Outdoor wedding chapel.

One of my forests has a tiny clearing in it where a large poplar fell some years ago. The spruce trees on either side are tall enough that direct sun never touches it. If you have Druidic or pagan leanings; if the idea of a wedding in the woods has appeal, give me a call.

Nature Walks.

Want to see my forests? A casual walk with lots of stops. Content will vary by time of year. Trails are NOT wheel chair accessible, and if you use a cane, you may have trouble.

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U-Cut Christmas Trees at our Farm

There is a gas lease road and not all the gas company truck drivers pay as much attention as they should. At this point you are better off to keep it as a house plant until spring. If there is snow, you are welcome to use my sliding hill. It has a different scent from either fir or spruce. Pine trees are not traditional around here. Want to cut your own Christmas tree. We do NOT wholesale Christmas Trees.