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By: Glenyce  09-12-2011
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Medium Readings

After becoming attuned to Reiki I began making connections with spirits who have crossed over to the other side, Angels & Spirit Guides.

Using my gift from God I honour whoever comes through and pass on messages, love & guidance. They communicate with me through pictures, symbols, & feelings. (very similar to playing charades!)

I cannot guarantee who will come through, or what message they may bring. I will have them validate their relationship to you, so you will know who it is. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, but please understand that spirits on the other side will only inspire or guide you - they won't tell you what to do, or what not to do with your life. This is called Free Will - we are all here to make our own choices, spirits will not interfere in any way.

My guarantee - after 5 minutes into the reading if you are not satisfied that I am making a connection for you; I will refund 100% of your money or we can reschedule for another time. The choice will be yours.

Your investment is $80.00 CAD per half hour by phone or at The Healing Room, $90.00 CAD per half hour at other locations.

Visa, MasterCard, debit & cash accepted.

Basic Elements of a Spiritual Medium Reading

written by Glenyce Hughes

As a spiritual medium I am able to connect with the spirit of your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.  When giving a reading I sense both the presence of the spirit and receive information about them.  For the most part I see, hear and sense the information mentally, which means that I see it in my mind's eye.

Giving a reading is similar to playing charades.  As no two people are alike, neither are two spirits.  One spirit may show me what they looked like when they lived on this earth, to validate who they are, another may show me the house they lived in.  It is really up to the spirit as to what information they share, and my ability to interpret the information and pass it on to you in a way that you will understand it.

If you don't recognize the spirit by the information they pass on then I will recommend you check your family history, as there are times when people we barely knew come to say hi.  Sometimes they are people who crossed over before we were even born.  Then I will ask their message for you, give you an opportunity to ask them questions and move on to another spirit as the opportunity presents itself.

As a spiritual medium I cannot guarantee who will come through from the spirit world.  If you have someone specific you would like to connect with I will focus on him or her, but I cannot make any promises.  If there is no connection made that does not mean your loved one is not in heaven, please understand that.  If could mean a couple of things, they are otherwise busy (I like to say they are off saving the world and can't chat right then), or maybe they are standing right in front of me jumping up and down but our energies are not connecting.

I will give you the opportunity to ask your loved ones questions, however, whether they answer or not is completely up to them.  If you ask them if you should accept a new job offer, they will most likely give you guidance, as opposed to specific answers.  Once on the other side they can offer guidance to help us out but cannot interfere with our choices.  Please don't ask them questions you know answers to - like what their nickname was when they lived here on earth.  Your loved one has worked hard to come to connect with you, and trivial questions don't often get answered.

When you come for an appointment the less I know about you and your loved one, the easier it is for me.  I will ask you to validate what I am saying is correct.  I am sensitive to your loss and will honor you and the spirit I am connecting with.  I do this through love, respect and compassion.

I ask that you come to your reading with an open mind; you don't need to "believe" in the other side to get a reading, just be open to the possibility.  If you have specific questions, please write them down ahead of time and bring them to the reading.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Spirit Guides

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