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By: W.i.l  09-12-2011
Keywords: Brokerage, Storage Facility, Precious Metals

Relocation, Residency,
Strategic Citizenship Services
* Package includes complete company registration as well as bank referral and help with setting up the bank account.
Access to On-line Brokerage Real-time access to stock exchanges (e.g., NYSE, AMEX, NADAQ, LSE, etc.), OTC forex markets, and commodity/futures markets throughout the world. Managed accounts are available.
International Mailing Address Globalize and privatize your personal and business correspondence.
Optional Access to Private and Safe Investment Funds For citizens and/or residents of some countries, internationalizing personal and business affairs may provide access to above-average yield CDs, foreign mutual or hedge funds, and self-directed brokerage accounts that would otherwise not be available to them.
Precious Metals Purchase and Bonded Storage
In this day and age it is wise for any financial plan to include physical ownership of gold and other precious metals as a hedge against global economic instability. Storage should be in a safe location, accessible when truly needed.
Secure Document Storage Facility House confidential documents, including corporation papers, confidential agreements, deeds, titles, shares, second passports, etc. in a secure environment – outside your country of residence.

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