By: Riemer Powers  09-12-2011
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The 6500 Family Of Automated Controllers
Features complete electronic switching, automated safety, and simple
to use real time control and monitoring. With SCP (simplified
communication protocol), you have the ability to communicate real
time with your equipment in slower networks, using less computer
power.With Ethernet connectivity, you can integrate with any wired or
wireless network. You may also connect via wireless modem
equipment, all of which we can aid you in implementing.The 6500 family of controllers allows you to remotely monitor and
control pump-jacks (6500p), pump houses, gen sets etc (6500i) and
many more applications with the rest of the 6500 family.All of the products that we produce can be interfaced with our web
services which gives you the option of keeping asset records such as
maintenance etc. available in an easy to use data base that is secure
and fully customizable allowing reporting functions to your Email or
via SMS.The best thing about the 6500 family of controllers and associated
services is the value for your dollar. Contact our sales staff today to get
the personal solution you deserve.
Fuel enhancement technology
Here at RPC, we know how fuel bills can just about break the
average person driving down the road, let alone transport, farm,
contractor vehicles. We now have a safe reliable H2 generation and
enhancement system that can be fit to almost anything with an
internal combustion engine.Most automobiles and light trucks can expect a 25% + savings on
there fuel bill, as well as reducing harmful, tailpipe emissions 50%.
Where space isn't a factor, you can expect 50% + savings or 100%
gain in fuel economy. Most vehicles can expect low maintenance, safe reliable operation.
With systems starting as low as $749.00 how can you afford not to
talk to us?The only thing that limits us at this point is space in a vehicle. We
also have add-ons, in testing that can be purchased in the near
future, which will enhance the effectiveness of any existing system
we manufacture now and in the future.
GPS Systems
RPC, now has a line of reasonably priced, industrial GPS systems
that are scalable.If you have to track assets or are worried about loss but can't
justify a high monthly contract for real time tracking and stats,
this is the ticket. A scalable monthly fee that can start as little as
$7.00/month, all with a small footprint and it's own power.If you want to do some real time tracking, the devices can be
programed for all the information you want, as well as inputs
from directly from your assets.
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Keywords: Vehicles