Beginning Knifemaking and More with Weldon Whitley 2 DVD set

By: Knifemaker  09-12-2011
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Beginning Knifemaking and More with Weldon Whitley 2 DVD set.

The producer says:

Join professional knifemaker Weldon Whitley as he walks you step-by-step through the making of this awesome 3 piece knife. He will show you layout and design, balanced grinding techniques, and everything up to a fine detailed finish. He shows the necessary tool applications and methods that any knifemaker can use to enhance the quality of their work.

Weldon has been creating knives since 1965 and has incorporated 36+ years as a machinist to create amazing products that are sold across the world. He is so known for his work that the New Mexico State Police asked him to make a series of knives for their 40th and 50th anniversaries. Weldon produces complete works that are not only beautiful but solid enough to be loved by collectors & workmen alike. Packed with over 4 hours of footage, this video is sure to be a valuable addition to all knifemaker libraries.

------------------------ says:

Weldon Whitley is NOT an entertainer -but he is a fine knifemaker. This video takes you through the making of a simple full tang knife from design to finish detail. It includes sections on machinery, tips and sharpening, spread over two DVDs. We have to say that Clear Plains Media has produced the finest quality knifemaking video we have ever seen. VERY professional.

You have to get by Weldon's slow, sometimes rambling presentation - and I know I had to listen calmly to a few things I disagreed with - but if you can put that aside, this man has a wealth of knowledge that he is sharing. It will be useful to the newbie or the experienced maker. Highly recommended!

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