By: Lomencor  09-12-2011

In today’s small and medium sized business world, many are watching technology race past them and out of site. Is there and hope for catching up or staying competitive?

Of course – with the right IST company on your team.

LomenCor Limited is an information systems technology company designed to put Southern Alberta’s small and medium sized business on the cutting edge of technology without swallowing up your bottom line. No more aggravation over a network that doesn’t work! LomenCor gives your company the benefit of its trained employees with much experience in bringing businesses all the way from the paper trail to the information highway. Our team will assess your current needs and make your information infrastructure compatible with your company vision.

With LomenCor, your company has the advantage of a team of highly skilled professional technologists without the burden of supporting an in-house IST department – and yes, we offer 24/7 support.

LomenCor is able to provide a single point of reference for all your company’s IST needs. We are equipped to manage your network environment, arrange for all your hardware requirements, and make available the latest in Internet security.

At LomenCor, our philosophy is to be a part of your business team. We continuously seek to fulfill your agenda; we don’t expect you to conform to ours. Of course if your company has been backed into a technological corner, our staff is known for their creativity and aptitude for finding innovative and cost effective solutions.

Seamless network operations are our key priority. We monitor each moment of your network’s activity – right down to the minute! Through remote access we are able to identify and correct most system errors before you even know they’ve happened.