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By: Wellness Fulfillment  10-09-2013
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Lisa is a Health and Wellness coach and she works with women who are suffering the effects of illness who want to reduce their anxiety and stress, gain more comfort, and reduce their physical and emotional pains. The struggles you face are real. When something is not well within you every part of you is affected. These effects can be debilitating but they do not have to take over you and your life. Things can be better and you will be better if you take action and do what you need to do for you. With so much going on within you it’s difficult to stay positive and focused on doing all that you can to help yourself feel better. Sometimes it can even seem like there is no way for you to feel better. That does not mean something is wrong with you and that you are being negative, it just means that your body has become imbalanced and therefore overwhelmed. Your body is continually showing you signs of what is not well, while your mind is trying to figure it all out, deal with the pain and emotions, and still find a way to be positive and keep living a fulfilled life. This means your body and mind are in constant struggle moving in different directions, which eventually causes conflict within yourself. How do you stop the spiraling effects? ..You get your body, mind, and spirit in balance moving in the same direction towards the goal you have for yourself to feel better again. This requires a step by step process that puts the focus back on you as a whole, putting into perspective all parts of you. For your health to change you must figure out what is and isn’t working for you and for your life right now (which we usually don’t see until we are challenged with the right questions). That means following a process that will help you figure it out, become clear, regain balance and control, relieve overwhelm and stress, and put yourself on the right track that won’t allow you to stray as you reach your destination of a healthier, happier you. With coaching you will be helped to do exactly that.

Keywords: health and wellness, personal coaching, wellness coach stony plain, Wellness Coaching,

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