Safety Tips for Operating and Maintaining Power Generators

By: RLN Energy Services  22-12-2014
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Owners of power generators have a lot on their hands when trying to run and maintain their equipment. From hoses and belts to fuel pumps and electrical connections, there are plenty of opportunities for the equipment to fail, and large-scale industrial generators can cause severe injury if something goes wrong. Proper operation and maintenance will reduce the potential for accidents and downtime.

RLN Energy Services, a retailer of industrial engines in Edmonton, Alberta, offers these tips for the safe operation of power generators and for their maintenance:

To prevent general hazards:

  • Install, repair and maintain the equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Install exhaust systems properly with adequate ventilation; direct emissions away from inhabited zones.
  • Keep the area around the generator free of clutter and combustible materials.
  • Inspect the equipment regularly; replace defective and damaged parts.
  • Remain alert at all times when working with the generator.
  • Refrain from opening or dismantling the unit while it is functioning.
  • isconnect battery cables before working on the generator.

To prevent electrical hazards:

  • Turn off power voltage supplies at the source before working on the generator.
  • Make sure that all wires, cables, and terminals are properly insulated and covered.
  • Ground the frame of the generator properly.
  • Make sure that the wiring, cable, and cord sets are the recommended capacity.

To prevent fires and explosions:

  • Refrain from smoking near the generator.
  • Prevent fuel leaks around the generator; clean up spills immediately.
  • Remove combustible materials around the generator.
  • Keep a working fire extinguisher nearby (not carbon tetra-chloride based).

It is also important to follow regular maintenance schedules to keep the equipment in good working order and to detect problems early.

RLN Energy is a company whose primary focus is in large engines and diesel powered generators. It also sells and services Caterpillar natural gas engines. For more information on its products and safety training & maintenance services, visit their website today.

About the Company:
RLN Energy Services is an Edmonton, Alberta based company that specializes in the sale and resale of heavy power equipments. It is a privately held corporation with a team of highly experienced &skilled technicians in mechanical and electrical industries. RLN Energy Services provides sales of various power system equipments that includes natural gas equipments, portable power plants, diesel generator sets, turbine powered equipment & more. Along with the sale of power equipments, they also focus on training specific services for the maintenance, safety, switching operations & associated tools in the industry.

Keywords: caterpillar natural gas engine, diesel generator set Edmonton, industrial engines Edmonton,

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