Green Music

By: Green Home Store  09-12-2011

Greenmusic CD Volume 1

Album: Morning (Playing time 54:41)

Start your morning with the light sound of oriental style music, celebrate a new day like a new life in the peaceful world.

1.Havest 5:00      

2.The long journey 5:08    

3.Rice ears 4:49    

4.Stream 5:35

5.Morning 5:51

6.Memory 4:52

7.Missing you 5:33

8.Endless journey 3:48

9.Friendship 4:40

10.Cloud 4:38

11.Care 1:34

12.Farewell 1:43

13.Brother & Sister 3:10

Greenmusic CD Volume 2

Album: Season of Life (Playing time 53:42)

Soft music from varied instruments reveals the truth of exquisite life and the journey

1.Season of life 6:40    

2.Sea field 6:00    

3.Grass flower 5:30    

4.The moon 4:29

5.Chao Phraya 9:52

6.The time before sunset 6:06

7.New life 9:40

8.Destination 6:15

Greenmusic CD Volume 3

Album: Whisper of The wind (Playing time 53:43)

Phrase of music tells about the way of mind, best for relaxing time after a long day

1.Whisper of the wind 7:20    

2.Childhood 5:06    

3.House by the River 2:40    

4.Cold wind 5:20

5.Memories 4:02

6.First met 1:57

7.Little by little 1:17

8.Poem 2:55

9.Rain 5:13

10.Relationship 5:14

11.Woodwind story 1:55

12.You Are My Every Breath 13:05

Greenmusic CD Volume 4

Album: Song of Leaf (Playing time 53:44)

Soft and wonderful piano tune for relax, day and night so ease and peaceful

1.Flower 3:55    

2.Dew 4:08    

3.In the morning 4:16    

4.Forest wind 4:37

5.Song of leaf 4:45

6.Country road 3:06

7.Rainy night 4:42

8.Pale moon 3:56

9.Calm sea 6:48

10.Diary 4:04

11.Subway 2:48

12.Sky train 2:39

13.Imaginary railway 3:54

14.Whisper of the sea 4:52

Greenmusic CD Volume 5

Album: Music of The Chaophraya River (Playing time 53:45)

The beauty of Thai instruments. Soft.still, move everyone deep into the heart

1.Pray to the moon 1:22    

2.Music of the Chao Praya river 6:16    

3.Mother. Where are you 2:33    

4.Thai house by the river 2:09

5.Candle light in the old Buddhist monastry 2:12

6.The last breath 3:26

7.Dewdrop on lotus leaf 4:08

8.The yellow rice field 2:26

9.Little bird on the orange branch 1:00

10.Two world 4:53

11.The Chinese argosy 2:58

12.Far and Away 2:07

13.Seagull 4:19

14.Sky and stars 2:18

15.Missing you 2:08

16.Thai kite 2:03

17.Yesterday dream 2:36

18.House by the waterside 2:43

Greenmusic CD Volume 6

Album: Piano in The Garden (Playing time 32:35)

Piano and the sound of nature, bird singing, stream. Resting in the beautiful green garden

1.Butterfly and flowers 3:24    

2.Rainbow 3:05    

3.The bulbul 3:02    

4.Strolling in the garden 3:22

5.Fog 4:18

6.Dragonfly 3:40

7.Fly to imagination 3:20

8.The couple birds 2:57

9.Evening 2:42

10.Sunset 4:05

11.Butterfly and flowers (more natural sound) 3:24

12.Rainbow (more natural sound) 3:05

13.Strolling in the garden(more natural sound) 3:22

14.Fog (more natural sound) 4:18

15.Evening(more natural sound) 2:42

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