Revision Control Systems

By: Ready Engineering  09-12-2011
Keywords: Productivity, Engineering Corporation

Ready Engineering Corporation is a Certified Installer for the AutoSave solution and through this solution, you will be provided with the following:

  • Protected Version Control, library management, and centralized program and document storage.
  • Automated archiving of device program and document copies.
  • Detailed revision detection, documentation, and history as well as audit trails.
  • Seamless integration into programming application software.
  • Protection guarding against accidental access to a device through secured users and workstations.
  • Rapid disaster recovery via a centralized, backed-up database.
  • Automatic Change Notification via e-mail

This provides a secure, well documented, and controlled environment, dramatically reducing safety concerns, downtime, coordination issues, wasted effort, and administration costs.

Typical Concerns and Frustrations:

  • The amount of automation is increasing and the number of automation personnel is decreasing. Housekeeping tasks are falling by the wayside. Although most company policies include program back-ups, it only gets done when staff have the time. Which usually means it doesn't get done.
  • When a machine is down, where can you find your most recent program backup copy; in a drawer, on which laptop or in whose lunch box?
  • Multiple people are making multiple changes on multiple programs using multiple programming stations. How can you manage all these changes?.
  • Every company must find ways to cut costs.
  • Every company must find ways to improve productivity.

What can AutoSave do for you? 

  • Program Archiving and Backup
    • One secured location for automatic current and past program revisions, stored in a compressed format.
  • Program Security
    • Multiple users on your LAN have individually configurable access levels. Automatically lock access to a program when that program is checked-out for revision.
    • 21CFR11 allows for automatic electronic recording of signatures. AutoSave can be an important link in this process.
  • Automatic Change Notification
    • Individuals can be notified immediately by e-mail of when a change occurs, who made the change and why.
  • Audit Trail of Program Versions
    • Automatic audit trail of when changes occurred, who made the change and why.
  • Process Validation
    • Automatically compare the program currently running in a PLC to a stored version, to detect forgotten or unauthorized changes.
  • Program Version Comparison
    • Compare one program version to another. For most PLC types, the areas that are different are shown in the report.
  • Increase Productivity
    • Reduce wasted time and downtime while employees search for the most recent program version. Identify programs that have a high frequency of change. Some attention here may reduce man hours and improve your product.
  • Increase safety
    • Only authorized personnel are given proper access to changing or downloading programs. Reduce mistakes from program files being loaded into the wrong device.
  • Saves you money
    • Automated archiving, process validation, increased productivity and increased safety, all combine to improve your bottom line.

Keywords: Engineering Corporation, Productivity

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