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By: Insitu Machining  09-12-2011
Keywords: Portable Milling, Tube Sheet

Portable Milling and Key Milling are essential services in repairing large pieces of equipment on-site. In-Situ started with a key mill in 1996 and then added a 4’ Portable mill in 1998 and in 2004 we purchased an 8’ Climax Portable Mill to our expanding arsenal of tools.

If you have sole plates, pump bases, weld removal, alignment problems or soft foot,
Call In-situ today to see how to we can help get equipment up and running.

Portable milling is designed to provide accurate and versatile, in-place milling capabilities. Often used where extensive dismantling used to be required. Portable milling is especially valuable in any situation requiring the mounting of level surfaces.

Portable Milling and Keyway Services Include:

  1. Sole Plate Milling: Pumps, Compressors, Electric Motors, Gas Engines, Gear Boxes, Turbine
  2. Tube Sheet Partition Grooves
  3. Mill Shafts & Slots
  4. Keyway Cutting and Small Slot Cutting
  5. Cracked Weld Removal

Challenging Milling Project at OSB Mill – 5 day turnaround

Portable Milling and Keyway Photos:

Milling tubesheet groove.

Milling an exchanger cover plate.

Milling a tubesheet partition groove.

Our new 8' Portable Mill resurfacing a pumb base.

A close-up of an 8" cutter applying a new surface finish.

A new surface on a pump base, finished to within .002"/ft

Keywords: Portable Milling, Tube Sheet

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