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In the creative and safe environment of the art studio, and with a trained art therapist, children, teenagers, and adults can be helped to cope with such difficulties as:

  • Self-esteem and self-image.

  • Strong feelings of loss, grief, depression or anger.

  • Resolving major conflicts, trauma, and life stresses.

Learning to use a variety of art materials, relaxing and focusing on recording one’s experiences in a non-threatening visual form can provide:

  • Support by constructive management and self-control over those things that are difficult and painful to acknowledge or discuss verbally.

  • Insight into and validation of one’s feelings.

  • A way to recharge and nurture your own needs.

  • The opportunity to discover strengths and authenticity, leading to a stronger sense of identity.

  • Help with problem solving emotionally difficult choices and decisions through creative expression.

  • The recovery of a sense of enjoyment, peace, and well-being.

  • Engagement of the whole brain, keeping the mind fit through the stimulated integration of cognitive, feeling and sensory processes.



Visionary Soul Journey
A meditative process, using rhythmic drumming. This workshop allows participants to learn how to access creative realms through spontaneous art expression, life review, and personal journal dialogue.Body Mapping
A full-sized outline of your body is explored in painted form, allowing for insight into how you relate to your physical form and beyond.

Mandala/Medicine Wheel Sacred Circles of Nature
Moving from an appreciation of the Medicine Wheel, this workshop explores this ancient symbol, relating it to our everyday life today, utilizing a variety of media.Medicine Painting
Find your own power symbols, painting from the heart and delving into your creative well to create images of deep significance. Our intuition can provide truth and guidance when we learn to access and acknowledge our ‘Wise Self.’ Participants will learn to use their own visual imagery, dreams and intuitive self- direction through art experiences that will guide this exploration.Transformational Action Figures
Learn to express strong emotions safely through making a 6” – 8” soft cloth sculpture doll. Using simple materials in a meditative, calming and focusing process, allows you the opportunity to work through a transition with life passages. This process can also help address physical challenges and body-image issues.Honouring our Heart
Listening to the truth and wisdom of our heart takes practice. The drum will be used to bring an awareness of the heartbeat of Mother Earth and all She can offer for our healing and wellness. You will have the opportunity to become more heart-centered through this art exploration, using a variety of media. Customized workshops to meet the specific needs of your organization may be designed upon request.

Keywords: Art

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