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By: Claim Your Voice  09-12-2011
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Effective communication is critical
to boosting your career.
At Ease on Stage
“I would have never imagined myself standing in front of a large crowd of people and feeling at such ease and now, wanting to do it all over again.
This experience is so empowering.”

~ Cathy Scaife
Realtor, Edmonton

Accomplishing Goals
“Patty is extremely good at connecting with people and guiding them towards their goal.”

~Dean Brumwell
Occupational Therapist, Edmonton

Discover How You Can Communicate Clearly & Effectively
If you are determined to be more successful you must know how to communicate your ideas and opinions effectively. It’s time to unleash the powerfully effective, expressive you.

People Don’t Buy Your Product or Service - They Buy You
Your appearance doesn’t make your first impression, your voice does. Your voice either conveys your confidence or betrays your insecurity.

Speaking Up and Out Is More Than Just Vocal Technique
It’s about Presence: fully owning your personal power, being in the moment, and being authentic. Master these and your power and confidence will be unmistakable.

Whether you’re a leader or emerging leader, in sales or simply determined to make an impact in your life, take a simple first step:

Delivery: Key to Effective Communication
It’s been demonstrated that ninety-three percent of communication is in how you present the information. Only seven percent is in the content. You will learn the keys to effective delivery so you can present your ideas with confidence and clarity.

You’ll Be Inspired When You Experience It Firsthand
The techniques you’ll learn are not difficult, but they do require a trainer with a solid foundation built on expertise, experience and knowledge. You’ll be guided step-by-step by someone who knows how to get to the core of what’s holding you back and can show you how to overcome those hurdles. There’s more to the process than just the physical aspect; Patty embraces and practices a holistic approach. You’ll be inspired when you feel what it’s like to express your true self, to project confidence, clarity and authenticity.

Learn about , , and church . Or now to discover how you can unleash your potential.

Keywords: Communication