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Tuxedo Rental and Sale
Our principal business operations are tuxedo rental and sale. Prices of tuxedos range depending on the style of tuxedo. Tuxedo Isle provides customers with the newest styles of European tuxedos and shirts from the '08 and '09 line, with various colored vests, European style ties, bow ties, shoes, and other accessories. We are also able to custom make vests to suit your needs.

We are proud of our stock, quality service and reasonable prices.

Tailoring and Alterations
Everyone is different! A ready-to-wear suit or other type of garment purchased in a store may not always fit perfectly. That is why our clients come to us for help. With more than 35 years of experience, we provide high-quality alterations and made-to-measure tailoring to suit our clients' personal needs.


Beautiful Brides!
Did you recently buy a wedding gown and you need to have it altered?
We can alter your wedding gown. Please remember that several consultations (fittings) are often required, so please don't leave your wedding gown alterations for the last minute. To serve you better, we strongly recommend that you book a consultation with us approximately 1 month prior to your wedding. Please call us at 464-4555 to book your first wedding gown consultation. We look forward to serving you!

Are you still looking for the right Bridesmaids dress? We can help!!!
Despite the large selection of dresses out there, sometimes it is hard to find the perfect Brides Maid 's dress . Custom tailoring is one of our services and we can remodel or redesign existing dresses. Prices vary depending on the cut, style and complexity of the dress. If this is something that appeals to you, please come in for a consultation with your bridesmaid(s)!

Tuxedo Isle is a great place to rent a tuxedo or suit. We also do remodeling or redesign of grad dresses.

Black Tie Party
Very simple and elegant.

Call us for special pricing.

Keywords: Dresses, suit, tailoring, Tuxedo, Wedding Gown