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By: Sloan Consulting  09-12-2011


What We Can Do

In general, there are a lot of different answsers to this statement.

First, we can do web design, web development, business analysis and general web kung-fu to get your site up and running and kicking butt.

Second, because we've worked with a lot of different sorts of clients, we can be a consultant, helping you decide where to go with your business (with regards to the online stuff anyway).

Third, since we have a no-nonsense attitude, we don't spend a lot of time making up reports that no one will read. You can expect clear, consise results.

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Sloan Consulting - Websites

Burger Boat staff have an intranet and clients can access a project management application to view the status of their purchase. These conference tickets sell out quickly and the system was built to withstand heavy traffic.


Sloan Consulting - Unusual Projects

We do get involved in some pretty interesting projects that don't really fit into the standard descriptions. We were approached to be the webmaster and help in solving some web-related problems for this organization. This wouldn't be a very strange project if we didn't mention that she was 84 years old when we launched. It was an e-commerce book store that we built for Tim's aunt. If she can get a handle on running an e-commerce book store.


Sloan Consulting - Web-based Software or Web Applications

Contracted by Alberta Agriculture to conduct a scan of their project management techniques and tools, and make recommendations on technology to improve their project management. For the Alberta Colleges Athletics Conference, we've built a web-based tool for the conference to record and track the eligibility of the student athletes.


Sloan Consulting - Building an ASP

Large, small, using content management systems, integrating with other services. Some companies are missing someone to help them make technical decisions. We build all sorts of web-based software (also called web applications). An application service provider has some specific challenges. We have experience building this sort of business.