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Certified Service/Licenced Inspection Facility
Journeymen Motorcycle Mechanics

We Service Motorcycles, ATV's and Snowmobiles


Rate $85. per hr.

Out of Province/Salvage Inspections $165.

Insurance Requests depend on the motorcycle but average is around $85.

Tune-Ups/Full Service - Must be booked phone for appointments
Cost varies depends on CC's and size
Full Service includes tune - up and all fluids
Oil changes can be without appointments if MC/ATV left for the day.

Forks/shocks and wheels taken off can usually be done for weekend if brought in beginning of week.
Fork service averages $135. to $175. Shock Service $75 - $125. Includes parts and labour-Rebuilding cost depends on damage and parts needed

Off Machine/Install

Tire Install & Repair Labour Prices

  Bought here Bought elsewhere
Tubeless $10.00 $25.00
Tubed $15.00 $27.00
A.T.V. $18.00 $25.00
Balance $10.00 $20.00

Repair/Install tube

Install tube $15.00

Tubeless Plug Outside $15.00

Inside Patch $40.00

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Keywords: Motorcycle

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