Organic Herbs Cream for Sore Muscles

Organic Herbs Cream for Sore Muscles from Sarah's Norwex

By: Sarah's Norwex  17-05-2010
Keywords: Skin Care, Chemical Free, Non Toxic

Norwex Herbs Cream Balsam is a completely natural cream used to ease tiredness and soreness in your muscles. It gives an immediate and long lasting feeling of well-being.

Certified by ECOCERTĀ®, this muscle cream contains:

  • Organic Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ and Olive Oils, Lavender, Sage, Rosemary and Sweet Orange
  • Natural extracts including Devil's Claw, Leopard's Bane, Mint, and Pine
  • No added preservatives - due to the high content of naural ingredients which have their own antimicrobial properties.

Here are some interesting customer-reported uses for Norwex Herbs Cream Balsam:

  • lessens the look of spider veins
  • lessens swelling from varicose veins
  • eases lower back pain
  • eases pain from sciatica
  • eases growing pains in kids
  • put on chestor nose to ease cough due to cold
  • lessens pain due to nerve damage
  • help carpal tunnel syndrome
  • eases pain from chemotherapy treatments

Apply with a gentle rubbing motion to sore and tired muscles or affected area.

Contains ingredients from organic cultivation.

Warranty: 60 Days

Size(s): 100ml

Keywords: Chemical Free, Non Toxic, Norwex, Skin Care