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By: Reel Mowers America  09-12-2011

It will generally take 3 days for tracking information to show up on your order. Thanks for your patience.
Here's why: Orders are processed and sent to our warehouse within 24-36 hours. Orders placed on weekends are processed on Mondays. Once FedEx has possession of your order they send us an acknowledgement and a tracking number with which we then update your order.
*Shipping is based on delivery in the lower 48 States. Other destinations will incur additional charges.

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That is a lot of weight to maneuver on today's lawns that often need a complicated cutting pattern to cut around flower beds etc. Remember that if you get 40 pounds moving forward you still have to stop it and get it going again to cut most lawns. When adjusted to the best non-contact setting (or the recently approved minimal-contact settings for cutting dandelions) will retain a cutting edge for 8- 10 years for a normal North American lawn.


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Allows for comfortable grip at any width & greater leverage around curved areas of your lawn. Rigid handle is held on with washers and pins so it won't pop off. Open edge fold for strength & to prevent corrosion. Protects plants and shields curious hands.