The Ultimate in Skin Care - facial guide

By: Nuoxygen  09-12-2011
Keywords: Massage, Warm Water, Plastic Wrap

Step by Step NuOXYGEN Facial For the safety of you and your clients, we recommend you use NuOXYGEN treatment Cream to sterilize your hands.

Take a few drops of NuOXYGEN All Purpose Cleanser, apply to the face and neck area. Add water and gently massage the area for a minute and thoroughly rinse. (will leave the slain clean feeling)

With a spatula, take a small amount of NuOXYGEN Scrub, add water, gently massage the face and neck area using small circular motions. If you wish to use steam, steam the face and neck for 5 -8 minutes with the scrub on.

This step should be followed only if it is Acne Skin or Extraction of Comedone is required. Apply a thin layer of NuOXYGEN Comedone Extracting Cream to the acne and comedone area. Cover the area with a plastic wrap.

For sensitive skin - leave the cream for 4 minutes Thick skin or Acne skin -leave the cream for 8 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap, rinse the area with luke warm water and do the necessary extraction. After extraction, apply a thin film of NuOXYGEN Treatment Cream. Wait for 3 - 5 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Apply 8 -10 drops of NuOXYGEN Facial oil and massage the face and neck. For Acne Slain -do not massage with Facial Oil. To glide your fingers for the massage, keep on adding luke warm water.

Apply NuOXYGEN Mask to the face and neck area. Cover with plastic wrap. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap.

Keywords: Massage, Plastic Wrap, Warm Water

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The Ultimate in Skin Care - cleanser

Take a drop of NuOXYGEN Cleanser and spread over the area to be cleaned. Antioxidant disinfects, purifies, and balances the pH. Helps retain and maintain skin's moisture.