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By: Jada Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Management Systems, chemical storage

 JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. is currently working with Lawrysyn Environmental to meet any of our client’s environmental needs.  These can include:

  • Phase I ESAs– Historic and Current Property Use & Real Estate Due Diligence:
    • Due diligence reports utilized by clients to assess potential environmental concerns with a site.  These reports contain historical reviews which use a variety of databases, aerial photos and interviews.  A site visit is conducted to review the property’s current use and identify any potential concerns.  These reports are used by clients as part of financing, leasing and property development to protect themselves from unknown environmental concerns with a site.
  • Phase II ESAs – Subsurface investigations to address environmental concerns identified by the client:
    • Phase II ESAs normally evaluate soil and groundwater characteristics on a site for environmental contaminants.  Phase II ESAs are required as part of due diligence prior to Underground Storage Tank (UST) removals, identified concerns in Phase I ESAs and prior to development when an potential environmental concern has been identified.
  • Phase III – Delineation Subsurface investigations used to determine the extent of contamination on a property
    • This information is important component required prior to addressing the environmental concern as required by Alberta Environment.  Recommendations from this report can vary from Risk Management in place to active site remediation.
  • Remediation Projects
Environmental Compliance consulting is used as a review of operations and practices of a company to determine if all environmental laws are being followed.  Some examples include Underground Storage Tank monitoring requirements, chemical storage requirements and proper disposal of wastes.  If compliance issues are identified, Lawrysyn Environmental can assist in developing and implementing programs to get an organization back in environmental compliance.

Environmental Management Systems are used as a holistic approach to dealing with the environmental concerns of an organization.  Lawrysyn Environmental staff has experience in developing environmental management systems to the ISO 14001 Standard.  The ISO 14001 standard has specific component requirements, but maintains flexibility in size so the system isn’t a burden to operations. 

Systems can be customized (not subscribing to the ISO standard) to address the priority environmental concerns.  Systems are generally used to identify environmental concerns and control their potential impacts by using environmental programs, operating procedures and monitoring events.  Systems can also review all applicable laws and establish review procedures to make sure the environmental legal requirements are up to date.  Standardized documentation and record keeping is used in systems to provide evidence to auditors that procedures and programs are being utilized

Keywords: chemical storage, Management Systems

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