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By: Haldor  09-12-2011

Topsoe's ammonia plant designs are characterised by the extensive integration between process sections and the steam and power system. The Topsoe ammonia process scheme includes a number of process steps: feed purification, tubular reforming, secondary reforming, CO conversion, CO


removal, methanation and ammonia synthesis. Topsoe offers the full range of catalysts required for ammonia production as well as specialised equipment, ensuring optimal plant operations in relation to investment and operating costs. Proprietary equipment design includes primary reformers, secondary reformer burners, waste heat boilers and a range of ammonia converters.


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Haldor Topsoe - Technical service portfolio

Calculations will illustrate future behaviour of the existing catalyst charge compared to a new charge or an entirely new catalyst, assisting our clients in selecting the optimal replacement catalyst. During the catalyst lifetime, the client needs to decide whether the catalyst should be replaced with the same type or whether new and more active catalyst types are a better option.


Haldor Topsoe - Catalyst portfolio

It exhibits moderate HDS and HDN activities, and the pore size distribution and pore volume have been optimised, resulting in a high capacity for accumulation of nickel, vanadium and silicon. TK-453 is a NiMo catalyst with very high rates for removal of metals and silicon, and it is an excellent guard in hydrotreaters that process heavy feeds.