Introduction to AEMS Health Care

By: Ccd Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Healthcare, Event Management, data collection


CCD’s Adverse Event Management System (AEMS) supports the accurate recording, management and resolution of adverse events and patient complaints within healthcare facilities.

AEMS is comprised of two modules. The set-up module is a Windows® application that is used to define the workflow and data collection requirements for your event categories and types. The user module is a browser based application that supports the recording, reviewing and management of adverse events. Qualitative and narrative information often holds the key to root cause analysis and process improvement, especially in a healthcare setting where most processes are knowledge dependent. AEMS fully supports the collection of both quantitative and qualitative information during all phases of incident reporting and review. Our sophisticated security exceeds privacy protection legislation by restricting access - based on event types, departments, phases and severity. Audit files continuously monitor changes and the security system tracks all unauthorized access. Adverse event management is a risk-reduction activity. We believe that the greatest benefit from reporting and analysing adverse events lies in the re-engineering of treatment systems to reduce medical error. At CCD, we are committed to improving the safety of patients, residents and staff in healthcare organizations. Our commitment is demonstrated by our continuous product enhancements and by our ongoing efforts to provide outstanding customer support.

Keywords: Adverse Event Management, Audit Files, Cause Analysis, data collection, Event Management, Event Management System, Healthcare, Privacy Protection, security system,

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AEMS - Incident Analyst

All of the products in CCD’s Adverse Event Management Suite support the accurate recording, management and resolution of incidents, unusual events and complaints across various industry sectors. Products include an extensive set of features and functions that make incident reporting and management intuitive for users while allowing complete customization without programming.


Adverse Event Management System Features

In order to support long-term quality improvement, historical data analysis and root cause analysis; a de-identification capability is included –allowing the viewing of events by non-emergency staff while maintaining employee confidentiality. AEMS fully supports multiple site locations both in terms of branch-based data collection elements as well as reporting on a hierarchical and functional basis.


Frequently Asked Questions about AEMS

AEMS requires no manual installation of components on the client (any required components, such as the CrystalReports Viewer, are deployed by IIS as needed). The AEMS Notification Utility may be hosted on any server that can connect to the database server over a network connection. Which need to be hosted from the Web server tier. The SQL database - hosted on the database tier.


AEMS Detailed Description

If Anonymous reporting is permitted, the main start screen provides Users with the opportunity to report an incident without logging on. Events can be created and managed through Internet Explorer, assuming the user has been assigned the appropriate permissions. Supervisors and Managers that wish to view or follow up on an incident must logon in order to validate their permissions.