SuperArc™, SuperGlide™, and SuperGlaze™ 100% MIGuarantee - mig policy

By: The Lincoln Electric  09-12-2011
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MIG Warranty

One (1) year satisfaction guarantee on SuperArc™, SuperGlide™, and SuperGlaze™ MIG wires only, which are sold for use in the contiguous United States. Here’s how to take advantage of the MIGuarantee™ Wire Warranty:When calling, the following information is required:
  • Customer Contact Information (Name, Address, Phone, Fax, e-mail)
  • Product Number ("ED" Number found on the product package)
  • Code Number (also identified on the package)
  • Purchase Information (Where purchased, date, PO Number)
  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Amount claimed defective

Once all the necessary information is collected, contact our MIGuarantee Service Representative at 1-877-86-SUPER

Our MIGuarantee Service Representative will:Ship replacement product for the quantity claimed defective or Ship enough replacement product to keep the customer up and running and arrange for a local Lincoln technical representative to help resolve the customer's welding problem. 

Keywords: Mig Wires

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Our Customer Service Department is available to provide information to current owners of Lincoln equipment or users of our welding consumables.


SuperArc™, SuperGlide™, and SuperGlaze™ 100% MIGuarantee - miguarantee

Lincoln Electric?s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee The best reason yet to switch to the best MIG wire in the world. Here?s what you get with every MIGuarantee purchase.MIG Products. Check out Lincoln Electric?s complete line of MIG products for and. Satisfaction guarantee on SuperArc?, SuperGlide?, and SuperGlaze. When you buy Lincoln SuperArc?, SuperGlide?, or SuperGlaze. MIG wire, you get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.