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By: Roo Can  09-12-2011

Roo Can will also comprise of two 53’ self contained trailers with 175 HP boilers, fuel, water and generators, one 48’ trailer with workshop and enough storage on our trailers for 50 20PC heaters, 35 16PC heaters 40 fans and optional gear to do a treatment at your plant with you only supplying minimal labor and time for setup and tear down.

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The heater operates on low-pressure steam and delivers 200+°F, which is the optimal temperature range for overcoming heat-sinks (steel, concrete & plastics) yet still allowing for full control on building ramp-up temperatures. The unit is portable, lightweight and explosion-proof designed to Class 2, Div 1 & 2, groups F & G, which allows for operation in most milling and food preparation atmospheres.