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Protection for families.. protection for yourself. We believe as you probably do that when it comes to loved ones, security comes first.

Your business depends on your clients' good credit standing. We provide top-of-the line Group Creditor Insurance Products designed to protect your clients against hazards which may jeopardize their good name. They are:

  1. Premature Loss of Life Protection:   In the event your client (borrower/lessee) passes away prior to the termination of the finance/lease agreement, the remaining balance may be paid out completely. At a time of great loss the remaining loved ones won't have to be concerned about eliminating this particular debt.
  1. Accident and Health Protection:  
Should your client get sick or hurt resulting in an inability to conduct their normal work activities, this plan can make each monthly instalment until the insured can return to work or until the loan/lease is paid out.
  1. Accident Only/Accidental Death Protection: Some people truly feel they will never get sick. F&I Managers hear these claims almost daily. For those who are adamant sickness will never befall them, you will be able to offer them coverage against Accidents only.. and with a choiced of benefit plans as well. A great compromise when they leave you no other choice.
  1. Critical lllness Protection:  Should one be victimized by critical form of cancer, stroke, heart attack, coma, 3rd degree burns to 20% of their body.. or require by-pass surgery, this plan will pay out the loan/lease completely.. permitting the patient to concentrate on recuperating.. not paying bills. Once you have read the coverage details, we're sure you'll find this a very attractive plan to market.
  1. Job Loss Protection: When one involuntarily loses their job, their sense of security very often disappears with it. This protection plan will make a set number of payments during a term of involuntary unemployment providing the insured some breathing room so s/he can concentrate on finding employment without fear of vehicle repossession. 

These insurance products are all underwritten by a Canadian insurance company.

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Keywords: Creditor Insurance