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By: Midwesterncompressorsupplies  09-12-2011
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Mid Western Compressor Supplies has an array of compressor components new and used including valves, packing cases, piston rings, wipers, rods, and pistons. We also have the capability to install, maintain and repair these compressor components. We have grown into a one-stop-shop as we can rebuild your compressor package from the skid on up.

  • Strategically located service and repair centers
  • Highly experienced, in-house personnel
  • 24/7 support
  • North American sales, distribution and support network

Compressor Package Reconditioning

Mid Western Compressor Supplies has become a one-stop-shop for our clients, by being able to supply to recondition everything from the engine to the compressor to the skid itself. Compressor Supplies has become known in the oil & gas industry as a one-stop-shop. By utilizing our partner company Mid Western Machine Works, Compressor Supplies can recondition full compressor packages with ease. Being able to turn our client orders around quickly is key to our success, and with a staff of 75 or more running two shifts we have the capability to get the job done.

Compressor Engine Troubleshooting And Repair

With our vast knowledge of compressors and engine many times we have to come to the aid of our customers and assist them with repairs and in some cases it's a RUSH job. Being able to rely on the depth of knowledge of our staff is one of the key reasons clients do business with Mid Western. Having the staff to turn the work around quickly is one of the key's to our success.

Millwright Services

  • In shop repairs to fans, pumps, gearboxes and compressors
  • In house and in field lubrication systems
  • Complete rebuilding of compressors
  • Stationary industrial equipment repairs and retrofits

Lubrication Design

Also, Mid Western has the capability utilizing our in house staff to re-engineer valve and valve curves.

Lubrication Field Service

Mid Western Compressor employs a fleet of trucks and top quality people to provide excellent service.


Mid Western has an in-house welding department with the most experienced Journeyman in the business if you require MIG, TIG or ARC welding.

Non-Destructive Testing

To ensure supreme quality Mid Western employs non-destructive testing such as Magnetic-Particle inspection and Liquid Die Penetrate inspection to find shallow or sub surface defects.

Keywords: Compressor, Compressor Engine, Compressor Supplies,

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