RV Maintenance

By: Vellner Leisure Products  09-12-2011

The following are Maintenance Suggestions by Vellner Leisure Products

Refer to Owners Manuals for the Manufacturers
Suggested Maintenance Schedules

After Every camping trip

o         Drain black, gray and fresh water tanks along with water heater
o         Refill black tank with holding tank chemical and a minimum of 
10-15 gallons of water – do not do this if there is a possibility of freezing.


o         Clean inside air conditioner filter, (they are washable).                
o         Check roof top air conditioner unit – check fins to make sure clean and straight.
o         Refrigerator roof vent and side wall vent – make sure no birds have made
nests behind or in vents.
o         Roof should be washed regularly to removed dirt and tree sap. 
It should also be checked for damaged and cracked caulking.


o         Battery water level (when using, not necessary if unit is in storage
for the winter and will not be plugged in).
o         Tires – check pressures; inflate to pressures stamped on sides of tires,
check for tire wear or damage.


o         Refrigerator – check owners manual, there is an owners maintenance
sheet that explains what needs to be checked and recorded.
o         Lubricate plastic worm gear on TV antenna.
o         Lubricate glide room rails and slide mechanism.
o         Lubricate awning sliding arms.

General Maintenance

o         Lubricate door hinges and locks in the spring and fall.
o         Wheel lug nuts - tighten to specs listed in your unit information packet,
this will be listed in the axle brochure.
o         Lubricate fifth wheel hitch as per hitch owners manual as instructed during orientation
o         Weight Distribution Hitch (used on Travel Trailers) - lubricate hitch ball and bar
sockets.  Refer to owners manual or per instructions given during orientation.
o         Lubricate entry step hinges and pins.


o         Check LP Gas/Propane detector – make sure it works if LP Gas/Propane
is present.  (See detector owners manual)
o         Install new batteries in smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.
o         Check roof for any damages or cracked caulking around vents, antennas, front,
rear and side roof moldings.
o         Check for cracked caulking around windows, doors and side moldings.


o         Remove RV batteries
o         Remove batteries in smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.  If batteries
are not removed, the detectors will start beeping sometime during the winter.
o         Winterize RV to prevent damage to water system. Call the service department at
Vellner Leisure Products for an appointment.
o         Check roof for any damages or cracked caulking around vents, antennas, front, rear
and side roof moldings.
o         Check for cracked caulking around windows, doors and side moldings.

Every 8500 km

o         Repack wheel bearings and check brakes.

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