Calibration Services, EREB Reporting Services, Panther Probe Rental

By: Rock Data Services  09-12-2011

Calibration Services

Instrumentation technicians at Rock Data are capable of calibrating any gauge to pressures up to 20,000 psi (137,896 kPa), and temperatures as high as 200 C (392 F) and as low as -40 C (-40 F).

These calibrations are performed using high-standard equipment and practices – including 3 oven units capable of the necessary temperatures, automated calibrating systems, and deadweights.

Rock Data Services is the recommended calibrator of our Panther Probe electronic memory recorders.

ERCB Reporting Services

Our reporting staff produces a variety of high quality oilfield reports – including static gradients, build-ups, acid squeezes, pressure transient analysis, and various fracturing applications.  With over 20 years of analysis and data reporting experience within Rock Data, they ensure that the completion of reports is prompt, professional, and reliable.

Along with producing ERCB standard reports, Rock Data offers ERCB submission and certification services – allowing oil companies relief from worry over the submission status of a well test.  Tests can be submitted directly by Rock Data Services, or certified by us for submission by you at a later date.

*ERCB: Energy Resources and Conservation Board

Panther Probe Rental

Tool rentals can be ordered by filling out a custom rental order form – ensuring that you get the right tool for your needs.  As well, orders can be taken over the phone by our knowledgeable inventory staff.

All Panther Probe tools are manufactured in Canada using high quality materials and techniques.

Battery Sales

Rock Data is capable of manufacturing quality battery packs for a large variety of use and applications.  Our battery packs are manufactured in Canada with safety and efficiency in mind.  They are available to suit most specs – including temperatures up to 200 C (Lithium) or 80 C (Alkaline).

Tool Repair and Conversion

The technicians at Rock Data Services also offer tool diagnostic and repair services for tools damaged or otherwise impaired in the field.  As well, we offer tool conversion services – converting gauges to Panther Probe quality and technology.