Gas leak detection with the gasfindir HSX camera

Gas leak detection with the gasfindir HSX camera from R.J.A. Contracting Ltd.

By: R.J.A. Contracting Ltd.  02-02-2011
Keywords: Leak Detection, Gas Detection, Monitoring Equipment

 The GasFindIR Camera makes it possible to "see" gases that are invisible to the human eye. The camera sees gases as a plume of smoke. It easily scans large areas for gas leaks in a short period of time, scans areas that are difficult or impossible to access and inspects for leaks.

Fugitive emissions are gases that are emitted into the atmosphere from industrial processes. The sources of emissions (i.e. Production Tanks, Compressor packings, Valves, Gas coolers, PSV's, Controllers, Flare stacks,
Well heads, Casing vents, etc.)

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