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By: High Arctic Energy Services  09-12-2011
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A significant focus of High Arctic's has been to use underbalanced technology as a production enhancement service. The 250K UB Rig is the third generation to the Stand Alone Snubbing System technology introduced by High Arctic in 1997 and was designed with safety in mind. The 250K UB Rig was primarily designed to underbalance drill, workover, complete and snub new and existing well bores to a depth of 3,500 meters. The 250K UB Rig is primarily a mobile, land-based rig that rigs up faster, trips faster and mobilizes/demobilizes more efficiently than the larger Hydraulic Workover Rigs.

The 250K UB Rigs are a specialized "rack and pinion mast-type" rig that can lift 250,000 pounds as a conventional workover rig but also acts as a conventional 125,000-pound snubbing unit. The 250K UB Rig is a self-contained unit capable of all underbalanced drilling, milling, workover and snubbing operations that are currently being conducted with the conventional Stand Alone Snubbing Systems, but operating at greater depths. This rig has been utilized to efficiently mill out composite bridge plugs in an underbalanced state. The 250K UB Rigs utilize PLC electronic-over-hydraulic operating systems. The unit has an automated tripping procedure, thus increasing the speed at which the tubulars are safely inserted or removed from the wellbore. With a 24 metre mast, the 250K UB Rig allows for a number of BOP configurations to be added, while maintaining standard drilling and tripping capabilities. The simple and quick installation of BOPs not only reduces rig set-up time and its associated costs, but also increases safety for personnel. The 250K UB Rigs have a smaller footprint than conventional service rigs allowing operations in tighter locations and reducing land disturbance.


(double of average RA or SA snubbing units)

(double of average conventional snubbing units)

Full stroke 24m traveling hoisting assembly (no cables/blocks). Rig floor can be moved 9m to accommodate a wide variety of BOP configurations.

Controls can be set for the parameters of the well which greatly reduces the opportunity for human error.

A crew of 5 men operate all equipment including transport, rig up, drilling, workover and snubbing operations. The Integrated approach results in less exposure to potential safety risks, reduces costs and improves the overall performance of the operation. High Arctic provides consistent service quality through its Competency Based Training.

Used to swab fluid to avoid wet tripping tbg while snubbing.

Rotary drilling head built into traveling hoist assemblyNo power pack swivel required resulting in no delivery charges, no downtime, waiting on delivery, no rig up time and no extra personnel costs associated with swivel.Can rotate to drill without Rotating Flow Control HeadNo rig up time for Rotating Flow Control HeadNo downhole motors required resulting in reduced costs.

Backed into position to wellhead, easy rig upNo outside rental or rig up time.

Four mobile loads consisting of UB Rig, Accumulator/Pipe Handler, Mud Tank/Pump and Crane Truck/DogHouse/Tool Crib/Gen Set.

Additional loads required for hauling matting and boiler

No waiting for outside trucks to move main loads resulting in less down time

Unit moves at hourly rate, cost effective for infield moves etc.

Fewer personnel and equipment on location during rigging up.

Unit complete with snubbing, rotary, pipe handler services all rigged in for duration of the job.

No waiting/standby or trucking for these services.

Self standing, no anchors required.

No downtime waiting on snubbing unit. No extra travel or rig up time for a conventional Rig Assist Snubbing Unit.

Keywords: High Arctic, Stand Alone Snubbing System, Workover Rig,

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