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By: Flare Industries  09-12-2011
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Flare Industries can provide any type of flare system from 50ft. to 500ft. high. We manufacture freestanding, guyed, or derrick supported flares, with steam assist, air assist, gas assist or sonic velocity to ensure smoklessness if required.

Our enclosed flares ensure that flame, illumination, sound and smoke are nonexistent, allowing our customers to remain "good neighbors". Flare Industries' highly qualified engineering staff will design the proper system for any application in the world.Elevated Flares burn, combust or oxidize industrial gaseous wastes in a safe, controlled, efficient manner. Flare Industries produces specialized designs for steam assisted flare tips, air assisted flare tips, sonic tips, multi-point tips and utility tips. Elevated flares can be self-supported, derrick supported or guyed.Ignitions systems are designed to ignite the flare quickly the first time, maintain combustion and re-ignite rapidly to prevent industrial hazards and personal injury while protecting the environment.Enclosed Flares and Thermal Oxidizers provide an extremely efficient, environmentally friendly solution to industrial waste disposal.Offshore flare systems are designed to work in harsh operating conditions often found in marine environments. Flare Industries produces boom structures, utility gas flares, sonic flares, oil burning flares, vent tips, snuffing systems, solar powered ignition systems, pilots and ignition equipment for offshore operations.Bio-Gas Flares are designed to efficiently burn excess gases that are generated as a result of natural decomposition of organic matter. These are typically found in landfills and waste water treatment facilities.

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Consulting Flare Industries provides consulting and technical services that are unparalleled in the industry including: Flare Design/Consulting, Dispersion Analysis, System Analysis, Noise Consulting, Government Air Quality Permitting, Field Emissions Inventory, Commissioning, Training, Turnkey Projects. Let Flare Industries handle the complete flare installation including civil works, electrical, erection, and start-up / commissioning.