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By: Apex Distribution Red Deer  09-12-2011

Variable Speed Drive

Apex Advanced Variable Speed Drive provides state of the art control for electric motors, specifically design to provide maximum torque control capabilities at start-up in artificial lift applications, integrating as well industry leading control algorithms into a single, compact package that increases production, improves energy efficiency, and enchances the reliability of artificial lift systems.

Variable Frequency Drive

Apex Advanced Variable Frequency Drive is design to provide our customers with affordable control over their artificial lift systems. By controlling the motor and pumping systems, improvements to production and reliability are now possible.

Rod Pump Controller

Apex Advanced Rod Pump Controller (RPC) provides economical pump-off control of sucker-rod pumping systems. Using sophisticated modeling and control software and a powerful controller, the RPC computes surface and downhole conditions to best regulate the starting and stopping of the pump via a separate motor controller.

Gas Powered Lift (GPL®)

The Apex Advanced Gas Powered Lift (GPL®) system combines a power source and advanced well automation control into a compact unit specifically designed for oil and gas production. The unique system provides a fully integrated solution for customers with pumping applications remote from electrical service or those that want to minimize gas flaring and eliminate electrical utility cost.

Downhole gauges

Apex Advanced line of downhole permanent monitoring systems provides our customers with real-time information of reservoir dynamics, giving them the power to better understand their wells and optimize their productions methods to increase production. From an economical solution to a high-end High Temperature gauge, downhole information is not a guess any more.
Single Pressure and Temp Gauge
Multiple Variable Gauge (Pressure, Temperature, Vibration)
High Temperature Gauge (>250°C)

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Our Truck Mounted X-celerators® can be deployed to service coiled rod applications in conjunction with an existing service rig or a flush-by unit in either conventional or slant configuration saving both time and money. Apex Advanced operates a fleet of specialized equipment that can quickly, efficiently and safely install and/or remove any size and brand of coiled rod.