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By: Alberta Animal Services  09-12-2011

Kennel Cough is a broad term covering any infectious or contagious condition of dogs i s one of the major clinical signs.  It is also referred to as infectious Tracheobronchitis.

There are several viruses and bacteria that can cause Kennel Cough, often at the same time. These viruses include Adenovirus type-2, Parainfluenza virus, and bacterium Bordetella Bronchiseptcia.  Because the infection spreads when dogs are housed together, it is often seen soon after dogs have been in the kennel, hence the name “Kennel Cough”.

Clinical Signs

Signs may vary, it is often a mild disease, but the cough may be chronic, lasting several weeks in some cases.  Common signs include a loud cough often describe as a “goose honk”, runny eyes and nose, swollen tonsils, wheezing, lack of appetite and depressed behaviour.  Most dogs with infectious tracheobronchitis will cough when the throat is rubbed or palpated.  Often, the hacking cough caused by kennel cough will persist for several weeks the infection.

Dogs can contract Kennel Cough by casual contact such as sniffing each other when on a walk, playing, sharing water dishes etc.


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