By: Alberta Animal Services  09-12-2011

  • We have a twenty-four hour on call system so that an Officer can be dispatched to deal with any emergency situations that arise after hours.
  • Patrols are scheduled on different days of the week as well as at different times of the day. Some weekend patrols are scheduled and we use daylight hours to our advantage in the summer months.
  • An Officer Report is filled out after each patrol and copies are sent to the municipality each month along with a detailed monthly invoice and also a year-end breakdown of all warnings, fines, and impounded animals.
  • We have GPS systems on all of our vehicles to ensure Officer safety. These units give us detailed reports of vehicle speed, direction, and total stop time and they display all information in real time.
  • We are equipped to deal with all domestic and exotic animals including snakes, lizards, guinea pigs, and other small mammals or reptiles.
  • All Officers and Kennel Staff have received training in Basic Animal First Aid and we have an Animal Health Technician on staff to assist with injured and sick animals. We also have basic first aid kits in all of the vehicles and full kits in the kennel.
  • We provide enforcement of other Bylaws such as unsightly or nuisance properties, noise, parking, and recreational parks enforcement. We currently provide this service in the Towns of Stettler and Innisfail. We also provide this service to the Villages of New Norway, Bawlf, Bashaw, Botha, Bittern Lake and White Sands.

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General -

Common signs include a loud cough often describe as a “goose honk”, runny eyes and nose, swollen tonsils, wheezing, lack of appetite and depressed behaviour. Because the infection spreads when dogs are housed together, it is often seen soon after dogs have been in the kennel, hence the name “Kennel Cough”. Kennel Cough is a broad term covering any infectious or contagious condition of dogs i s one of the major clinical signs.