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By: Fly'n Ads  09-12-2011
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88% of people questioned remember aerial advertising, even after 30 minutes have passed. Try and name the last roadside billboard you passed today.

Aerial advertising was compared to other forms of advertising by the Maine State Lottery and the results clearly showed aerial advertising as the best value. Aerial advertising had a 18.3% recall with only 6% of the budget. TV, radio, and billboards took up over 80% of the budget and had about the same or even worse recall!

Disclaimer: Fly’n Ads first concern is safety, therefore we reserve the right to cancel, delay or rebook any flight at our discretion. We will strive to get your message out on time, but unfortunately we don’t control the weather, air traffic control restrictions or unserviceabilities. We will work with you, our customer, to rebook or refund the flight as required.

Flying Billboards are our specialty.
We take the old traditional roadside billboard and give them the gift of “wings” and take them above the clutter of the ground based advertisers. These billboards are huge, up to 13 times larger than your average roadside billboard. We take your artwork and have it produced in full colour, either painted or computer generated, on a special lightweight aviation nylon panel. We generally require at least 2 weeks notice for billboard production. The billboard is reusable lasting for several years, depending on it’s use.

• Sizes can be upwards to 30 feet high x 90 feet long. This equates to 2700 sq. ft.!!!

This is the traditional way of aerial advertising. The letters we use are 7ft. tall and are designed to be read when flown overhead at 1000ft. Others may use the 5ft letters but we feel that your message should be readable.
Flying letters are the perfect marketing tool for sale or event announcements. We generally require seven days notice to have your message constructed.

Keywords: Aerial Advertising, billboard, Roadside Billboard, Traditional Roadside Billboard,