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By: Stinky Moose -Proudly Canadian  09-12-2011
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Stinky Moose Diaper Service offers 100% organic cotton prefold diapers: A delivery person from Stinky Moose Diaper Service will pickup your soiled diapers once a week and deliver clean diapers right to your door!

You can be confident that the diapers delivered are the SAME diapers your child has been using all along. Delivery of clean diapers to the various households will occur once a week at which time any used diapers will be picked up and returned to the laundry centre to be cleaned. Deliveries will be made on the same day for each town(for example Lloyd-Wednesday, Wainwright-Thrusday etc.)

Think of our service as the ultimate rental service. Each week you pay to use our diapers. You use our diapers and then we deal with the results. The only thing that we ask of you is that you shake any solid matter into your toilet. No soaking, no washing. Breastfed babies need not worry about this at all, until introduced to solid foods. We also sell flushable liners to make it easier for you to shake out solid matter from our diapers if you choose to use them.

Stinky Moose Diaper Service also has a diaper pail that you can rent for a one time fee of $40.00 . The diaper pail is large enough to hold one week’s worth of diapers and has a carbon insert for the lid to aid with odour control. The carbon insert allows for air flow without smell flow! You will be provided with an XL wet bag tote that you put in the diaper pail, then when the diapers are ready for pick up you just remove the tote and dirty diapers and replace it with the clean tote your clean diapers were delivered in.

Because we know babies are small when Newborn We offer prefolds and wraps that fit 4lbs to 9lbs for those first few weeks. Most babies don't use the newborn size for long so we are happy to loan you the wraps for newborn size, you just return along with the newborn diapers when your baby moves up to the next size diapers.

As with all diaper services you will be required to purchase and launder the waterproof wraps and Travel size wet bags. We cannot launder them as they may become damaged in our process. The wraps are available for purchase from us and we will have a variety to choose from. We recommend you have at least 5 wraps. Diaper wraps can be re-used until soiled or smelly. Simply rinse off any urine residue and air dry in between uses - or simply wipe clean if using the Super Brite. Rotate your covers after each change.

Your first delivery will be 2-3 weeks before your due date. I will show you how to use the diapers and wraps. Once your child has arrived call us to begin your weekly service.

Should you find that over the course of the week you have fewer than 10 clean diapers left, and delivery is more than 24 hours away, contact us immediately. We do not want you to have to worry, or even worse put a disposable on your baby. We will make a delivery of extra diapers at no extra charge. The only time you would ever be charged an additional fee for our cloth diaper service is if you forgot to put out your soiled diapers on delivery day, and a special trip needed to be made to pick up your soiled diapers.

Stinky Moose Diaper Service is $25 per week for Lloydminster, Paradise Valley, Kitscoty and $30 per week for Wainwright. The service includes: the rental of one two week set of 100% organic cotton prefold diapers for each child, (you will receive 80 diapers a week for ages 0-6 months and 60 diapers per week for 6 months and up) weekly pickup of soiled diapers, laundering of soiled diapers and weekly delivery of clean diapers.

If you have more then one child in diapers contact me for a discount on your second child.

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Keywords: Clean Diapers, Diapers, Soiled Diapers

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