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By: Riviera Massage & Day Spa  09-12-2011
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Basic Pedicure [Feet are soaked in a soothing foot bath. Calluses are removed & dead cuticles are trimmed. Your nail is then shaped & buffed. We then give you a refreshing foot and leg massage & change your polish]            $55.00

Spa Pedicure [Added to our Basic Pedi is an exfoliating scrub for your feet & legs. We then add either a Paraffin Bath treatment or a Rejuvenating Mask treatment.] $65.00

Hot Stone Pedicure [Added to our Spa Pedi is a refreshing foot and leg massage with hot stones.] $75.00

Polish Change—$25.00

French Pedicure: Add $8.00 to any pedicure service

Gentlemen's-Basic Pedicure $50.00

Gentlemen’s- Spa Pedicure $60.00

Gentlemen’s- Hot Stone Pedicure $70.00


Basic Manicures $35.00

Spa Manicures $40.00

Hot Stone Manicure $45.00

French Manicure: Add $8.00 to any manicure service

Gentlemen’s Basic Manicure - $30.00

Gentlemen’s Spa Manicure - $35.00

Gentlemen’s Hot Stone Manicure - $40.00 Paraffin Bath Treatment: Enjoy a relaxing paraffin bath treatment for your hands or feet to soften skin and increase circulation. Helps relieve arthritis & joint pain. $15.00Massage

Therapeutic & Relaxation
15 minutes $30.00 30 minutes$45.00  45 minutes $60.00 60 minutes $70.00 90 minutes $115.00

Hot Stone Massage & Hot/Cold Stone Massage
15 minutes $35.00 30 minutes $50.00 45 minutes $70.00 60 minutes $80.00 90 minutes $120.00

Improves circulation-Elimination of metabolic waste-Balance of blood pressure-Improves flexibility and range of motion in joints-Increased suppleness and elasticity of muscles-Decrease healing time for injuries to soft tissue-Relief of headaches and migraines-Helps with depression-Promotes a deep nights sleep-Increase immune system-Corrects postural problems-Reduces discomfort of arthritis-Improve mental awareness-Better digestion and intestinal function

Add Raindrop Therapy to any

Massage $10.00

Raindrop Technique uses very high

quality therapeutic-grade essential

Oils which are dropped like little drops

of rain from a height of about

six inches above the back and feet,

combined with a variety of very

light massage techniques along the

vertebrae and back muscles.

Helps with removing bacteria and

viruses, reduction of pain, reduces

inflammation, improves circulation,

relieves stress, relaxing and

invigorating, improves immune function,

can help with the release of

negative emotions


15 minutes $30.00 30 minutes $45.00

45 minutes $60.00 60 minutes $70.00

Reflexology induces balance and harmony in body, mind, and spirit. It is based on the belief that there are reflex areas on the feet (and hands) corresponding to all the parts of the body including major organs. When pressure is applied to specific areas on the feet it can affect internal organs and body systems, and therefore promote good health.

Body Wraps & Body Scrubs

Body wraps and Body scrubs improve the texture and appearance of skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body. They also firm loose skin and treat the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Body wraps and Body scrubs offer a variety of benefits which include detoxification, anti-aging, contouring, skin softening, and giving a boost to the lymphatic system and metabolism. Body wraps and Body scrubs may also help you temporarily lose a few inches around the waistline

Body Scrub —$95.00 *Grapefruit *Coffee *Tea Tree
Body Wrap—$95.00 *Chocolate *Monkeys Lunch *Clay Wrap


Lip $10.00 Chin $12.00 Brows $15.00 Bikini $40.00 Californian $50.00 Underarms $20.00 Full Arms $30.00 Back $45.00 Chest $40.00             Lower Legs $40.00 Upper Legs $55.00 Full Legs $75.00

Eye Brows $12.00 Eye Lashes $18.00 Lashes & Brows $27.00


Clay Mask $60.00—Improves skin tone & colour, revitalizes & boost skin cell renewal.                                           Spa Rejuvenating $70.00—This all natural system for all skin types improves skin tone & promotes more healthy & supple skin.                         Anti Acne $85.00—A medically proven regimen for the treatment of acnes. Clears and heals acne blemishes.         Age Defying $85.00—All natural age defying system, helps reverse the visible signs of aging; wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines Steam Bath
Releases Toxins, Reduces Stress & Fatigue
A personal Steam Bath provides you with; a comprehensive cleansing of your skin, detoxification of your skin and glands and flushes impurities
15 minutes—$10.00 30 minutes-$18.50 60 minutes—$26.00
Essential Oils Optional $1.50

All prices subject to change without prior notice. 

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