The Business Case to Outsource : RMI

By: Rmi  09-12-2011

The Business Case to Outsource: Top 10 Reasons

1. Resources not Available Internally

Outsourcing is a viable alternative to building the needed capacity from the "ground up".

2. Reducing Operating Costs

Outside providers offer lower cost structures, reducing your companies operating costs and increasing your competitive advantage.

3. Free up Capital

You need not tie up capital to launch new products or services. Outsource and invest your capital in other areas of your business.

4. Improve Company Focus

Focus on your core business by having operational functions assumed by an outside expert.

5. Optimization

Keep your employees working within their area of expertise. Outsource specialized jobs that are unfamiliar to your company.

6. Concentrate on Customer Relationships

Customer service is an essential ingredient to building a successful business. Outsourcing allows you to dedicate yourself to your customers.

7. Technology

Staying technologically current is expensive. Outsource to experts that have already made investments in the best technology and design available.

8. Speed

Eliminate the learning curve. Experience allows for an immediate launch "out-of-the-gate" directing resources immediately to production.

9. Flexibility

By outsourcing you avoid increasing overhead, long training delays, legal and HR issues as well.

10. Reduce Risk

Outsourcing providers make investments on behalf of many clients, not just one. Shared investment spreads risk, thereby reducing the risk assumed by one company.

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RMI Consulting Engagement Process

A formal change management process is also incorporated, to ensure the client retains full and complete authority with respect to the 'deliverable'. This is conducted by gathering corporate data which describes a) Current State b) Desired State, from which a c) Gap Analysis is defined. With Phase II incorporating the Project Plan, Rick is able to assure a client prompt and effective initiation of the project plan.


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New Business Start Up ~ Business Planning - Shepherding you through the Concept to Completion Phase of Start Up.- Getting you and your Business Plan ready for 'The Bank'.- Linking the Business Plan to Execution. Often times clients will contract RMI to ensure their strategy and business planning remains current while the team is gathered at annual venues such as retreats or seasonal in-house leadership events.