RMI Consulting Engagement Process

By: Rmi  09-12-2011

Prescription without Diagnosis = Malpractice

Phase I ~ Assessment:

In an RMI consulting engagement, the initial assessment phase provides the client with an analysis of the situation. This is conducted by gathering corporate data which describes a) Current State b) Desired State, from which a c) Gap Analysis is defined. A d) migration plan is then prepared, by which the client can see the transition of current to desired state.. only then can the resources required to attain the desired state be determined, as well as a time frame for the realization of 'desired state'.

Phase II ~ Planning:

As the client is fully engaged in the gathering of the assessment data, the development of the migration plan (from current to desired state) is a fairly quick administrative process. Most consultants will perform an assessment, but few wish to dedicate themselves to the realization of the plan. Hence, many consulting reports find themselves in very attractive binders, occupying shelf space, seldom seeing implementation. What distinguishes RMI is that on client acceptance, the implementation phase actually begins in phase II. We 'scope' the implementation of the assessment in a project plan. Incorporating all of the disciplines of a project charter.. the Plan is scoped, costed and timed for implementation. On the Sponsors direction, RMI will proceed with implementation.

Phase III ~ Implementation:

Rick is certified and experienced as a professional project manager. With Phase II incorporating the Project Plan, Rick is able to assure a client prompt and effective initiation of the project plan. In Phase III the principle disciplines incorporate initiation, execution, closure and evaluation. Significant time and cost is recovered using this method. The Project Charter is scoped to ensure a very crisp, clear definition of the clients 'desired state', which is delivered on time, on budget. Complete, candid and timely communication characterize an RMI ~ client engagement. As the client business sector remains dynamic, changes are to be expected. A formal change management process is also incorporated, to ensure the client retains full and complete authority with respect to the 'deliverable'.

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Outside providers offer lower cost structures, reducing your companies operating costs and increasing your competitive advantage. Experience allows for an immediate launch "out-of-the-gate" directing resources immediately to production. Outsource to experts that have already made investments in the best technology and design available. Shared investment spreads risk, thereby reducing the risk assumed by one company.


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New Business Start Up ~ Business Planning - Shepherding you through the Concept to Completion Phase of Start Up.- Getting you and your Business Plan ready for 'The Bank'.- Linking the Business Plan to Execution. Often times clients will contract RMI to ensure their strategy and business planning remains current while the team is gathered at annual venues such as retreats or seasonal in-house leadership events.