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By: Foothills Animal Hospital  09-12-2011

Surgical Services

  • Soft tissue and some orthopedic surgery
  • Advanced anesthesia monitoring
  • Early spay / neuter programs
  • Feline tendonectomies provided as an alternative to declawing

To ensure that your pet has a safe experience, we will:

  • perform pre-anesthetic blood tests for all pets over the age of 7
  • minimize anxiety by providing sedation in the pre-medication
  • place IV catheter and administer appropriate IV fluids controlled by a fluid pump
  • maintain a normal body temperature using a Bair hugger (warm air blanket)
  • use a Cardell Max12 HD to monitor heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, capnography, ecg and blood oxygen levels
  • will only use Isoflurane inhalation anesthetic (This allows for a quicker recovery since it is not metabolized by the liver and kidneys)
  • minimize pain by giving pain medication as needed

  • Dental Services


    In house lab work

    We also interpret urinalysis tests in house for greater accuracy for our patients. We run tests for heartworm, FeLV/FIV, parvo virus and cPL (a specialized pancreatitis test).


    We send all of our bloodwork to Idexx Laboratories where they have board certified clinical pathologists who can quickly and accurately interpret your pet’s blood results. Stat evaluation of bloodwork is always available.

    Intensive care and hospitalization available.

    "Grissom", is our wireless video and sound monitor used for our ICU patients who stay the night at Foothills Animal Hospital. It allows Dr. Bourque to check on patients any time of night.

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