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By: First Place Feeds  09-12-2011

Veterinary Supplies

Feature Product

Portable Equine First Aid Kit , Barn Equine First Aid Kit

 How prepared are you should your horse need medical attention and first aid? Be sure to always have an equine specific first aid kit on hand in your stable, and in your saddlebags when out for a trail ride.

You should also be aware of your horses vital signs, so you know what is normal and what could potentially be a sign of illness.

T emperature: A horse's normal body temperature is 99 - 101 F

Pulse: The normal pulse rate, most often taken by listening to the heart on the left side of the chest just behind the left elbow, is 36 to 42 beats per minute. Young stock and ponies tend to be a bit faster.

Respiration:-The normal rate for horses is between 8-12 breaths per minute. 

Capillary refill time: The time it takes for color to return to gum tissue adjacent to teeth after pressing and releasing with your thumb is 2 seconds.

Surgical Scrub

First Aid Kits

Needles & Syringes



Stable Supplies

We have what you need for your barn or stable

Stall forks
3 Gallon Rubber Feed Tubs
6.5 Gallon Rubber Feed Tubs
5 Gallon Buckets
8 Quart Buckets
18 Quart Buckets
Collapsible water bucket
Sweat Scrapers

Everything you need from buckets to grooming aids to stall forks is available right here where you buy your feed. A comprehensive selection is available at our retail outlet.